Nuo by Je Joue Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

nuo-je-joueNuo Vibating Butt Plug ($194)

The most incredible butt plug ever made, the Nuo by Je Joue is a high tech sex toy powered by either a remote control or by a smartphone, enabling long-distance virtual butt sex!

The Nuo is rechargeable and waterproof, with 12 thrilling settings to explore.

njoy Pure Plug Medium Stainless Steel Butt Plug

njoy-purenjoy Steel Butt Plug ($99)

This stunningly attractive steel anal toy is probably the best butt plug in the world.

The design oozes beauty, simplicity, ergonomics, and pleasure.

The angled head is perfectly tilt for the smoothest and easiest penetration.

Cast in 316 grade stainless steel.

This is a medium sized plug that measures a shade over 3.5 inches in total length, with the head 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point

Mini Vibro Tease Butt Plug

mini vibro teaseMini Vibro Tease ($11)

Slim and slender vibrating anal butt plug probe.

Will vibrate at the push of a button as it’s soft and pliable shape gently probes and stimulates your anus.

Waterproof for bathtime fun.

Round Butt Plug

Round Butt PlugRound Butt Plug Large ($14)

Unique looking large round butt plug from Doc Johnson.  A simple design for this ‘Sil-A-Gel’ range of smooth and large butt plugs.  These anal sex toys are more suitable for advanced users who can be sure to have the skills and experience to accomodate them!  This particular model in the series is available in both black and white.

Some customers of the Round Butt Plug have reported taking delight in wearing the toy all through the day under clothes!


Alumina Pace Butt Plug

Alumina PaceAlumina Pace ($59)

Alumina Pace is a sleek and beautiful double headed butt plug and prostate massager toy.

Each end gives a different exquisate sensation, whether you are pleasuring your anus or your prostate region.

Made from aluminium and silicone.

Hot Pink Butt Plug

Pink Butt PlugHot Pink Butt Plug ($21)

A fun pink butt plug that is not only soft and pliable, it vibrates as well, making this a superb value anal toy at little more than $20.

Most customer reviewers have noted their pleasant surprise at how intense and powerful the vibrations of this thing are.  In the words of one customer – “I turn on the vibe action all the way and it sends shivers throughout my body!”

An ideal toy for beginners, and different enough to be an essential buy for more experienced butt plug fans.

Luxury Gold Butt Plug

Lelo EarlLelo Earl Luxury Gold Butt Plug ($990)

The most expensive and desired luxury sex toy for men, the Lelo Earl Gold is a butt plug and prostate massager made out of 18K Gold.

The beautiful ring not only adds even more elegance to the toy, it also allows for easy handling of the toy.

This remarkable gentlemen’s toy is also available in a silver edition for only $590.

Sasha Grey Signature Plug

Sasha Grey Signature PlugSasha Grey Signature Plug ($32)

A dark and mysterious glass butt plug from the Sasha Grey collection.  Made from hygenic and non-porous borosilicate black glass, this is an elegant and simple to use anal toy that is sure to satisfy.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Cavalier Butt Plug

cavalier blackberryCavalier Blackberry Butt Plug ($49)

This unusual looking butt plug from FunFactory is actually one of the most popular and highly recommended anal toys around at the moment.  The unique design is intended as a combination of butt plug and anal beads, and certainly seems to have won praise from satisfied users of the toy. The large base will adhere to any non-porous surface and is harness compatable. 

Available in either Fuchsia or black editions, this butt plug is made from hygenic silicone material.